Here’s a series of thoughts sparked off by this article which takes aim at Amazon for “eliminating all the bulwarks against consumerism” and effectively dissolving the human experience into one of perpetual consumption.

Amazon, in my opinion, is aiming to position itself as the operating system for human life. It fails to do this in the sense that it only fulfills the human instinct to consume while neglecting the corresponding (and equally essential) instinct to create. Perhaps what’s missing in the current scope of mega company/service is one that aims to build a thorough framework and operating system for boundless creation by humans.

The referenced article makes a good point as to why this emergence

another thought as at November 11, 2018

i wrote a few college essays on the issue of the gap between technological advancement and increasing human productivity since the turn of the century.. id argue that this same imbalance in the sophistication of our means of consumption vs our means of creation/creativity, is at the heart of this discrepancy that has economics so frightened — technology has advnaced to make us better consumers but not necessarily better creators